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Fees - Sale

Engagement Type: All types of mandates

The fees of a real estate professional are governed by the Hoguet law of January 2, 1970. As such, following the signing of a sales mandate, we are remunerated only by the result, that is to say at the time of signing the authentic and final deed of sale. Despite the commitment of expenses necessary for the marketing of a property, no sum of money representing various costs can be requested before the final confirmation of the commitment of the parties.

Thus, Typique Immobilier displays the fees that we charge in full transparency. Our model focused on a high success rate allows us to offer a lower level of remuneration than that usually practiced. Our customers only pay for a service intended exclusively for them, and not for a model that has to assume a high failure rate.

Property for sale

Engagement type: Simple

Selling priceValue maximum
< 120 000 €6 000€
120 000 € - 224 999 €5%
225 000 € - 349 999 €4.5%
> 350 000 €4%

    Engagement: Exclusive

    We recommend the exclusive mandate for at least 5 objective reasons:

    • IMAGE : a property presented several times on the same medium, sometimes with different prices, gives the impression to potential buyers that it is "difficult to sell".
    • EFFICIENCY : controlled and dynamic communication. A uniform and coherent discourse vis-à-vis Acquirers while avoiding the work of undermining malicious competition.
    • QUALITY : the real estate agent will commit to significant resources, with an irreproachable quality of service.
    • FINANCIAL : the fees are lower. You are not paying for the failures of others.
    • DEADLINE : exclusive housing is signed in three months on average, compared to more than double with a single mandate.
    Selling priceValue maximum
    < 125 000 €5 000€
    125 000 € - 224 999 €4%
    225 000 € - 349 999 €3.5%
    > 350 000 €3%

    Regulatory Conditions - Sale

    Engagement Type: All types of mandates

    Fee schedules as of November 24, 2020 for residential property

    In accordance with the regulations in force, each selling customer has a right of withdrawal of 14 days.

    The fees are due on the day of the final completion of the sale at the notary and payable by the seller.

    The fees are presented inclusive of VAT, at the current rate of 20%

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