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Our Philosophy

We see ourselves as real estate artisans with a love for a job well done.
Our mission is to understand, analyze and estimate the characteristics of each property (apartment, house, property ...), in order to transmit them in the best conditions to their new occupants.
For this, each employee works a maximum of 5 sales in order to guarantee perfect knowledge of your property and its environment, total availability as well as regular monitoring.
We decline a mandate when the selling price desired by our customers is 10% beyond our estimate in order to avoid an extension of delays harmful to the final selling price.

With us, there is no quantitative but only qualitative.

Our values

Professionalism, Transparency, Satisfaction

A word from the founder

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« Typique Immobilier is the result of my experience as a real estate agent, apartment hunter and my passion for old stones. We like to sell its properties filled with history with their own characteristics typical of their time. Haussmannian apartment with its parquet, moldings, fireplace in the medieval castle. What drives us in addition to our passion for the old is the satisfaction of our customers, buyers and sellers » 

Yannick Picault, Founder of Typique Immobilier

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